Dzeko caught coronavirus

Edin Dzeko, the Bosnia and Herzegovina footballer of Roma, one of the Italian First Football League (Serie A) teams, announced that he was caught in a new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19).
Dzeko caught coronavirus

Dzeko posted on his social media account, "Hello everyone. Unfortunately, my Kovid-19 test was positive too. I have to comply with the quarantine process." used the expressions.

The 34-year-old striker, who stated that he did not want to cause concern to anyone who knew him, said that he did not have any prominent symptoms.

The Dzeko message said, "I have to stay apart from teammates for a few days, but starting Sunday, my mind and heart will be with them. Come on guys." completed with statements.

The Roma Club shared Dzeko's statements with the message "Let's Dzeko" on its Twitter account.
Dzeko, who went into quarantine with the Kovid-19 test positive, was also removed from the squad of Rome's away match with Genoa this weekend. Dzeko will not be able to go to the camp of the Bosnia and Herzegovina National Team due to the 2-week quarantine period.

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